How to Scan with Bellus3D ARC

The Bellus3D ARC system is a standalone, multi-camera scanning solution that leverages proprietary cameras supporting both RGB and infrared capture of extremely detailed face data. The ARC system takes extremely fast and high resolution scans (~ 3 seconds) and no movement is required by the subject. The ARC system is designed for professional environments and captures over 1M polygons with sub-millimeter accuracy.

What You Will Need

To scan with Bellus3D ARC, you will need to order an ARC system.

What It Costs

Scanning with the Bellus3D ARC is free. Exporting a scan requires tokens which can be purchased through our ARC developer program. Learn more about ARC pricing.

Scanning with Bellus3D ARC

Detailed instructions for scanning with the ARC will be released when the ARC is shipped out to customers.

Other Scanning Options

How to Scan a Face with Bellus3D