Meet Bellus3D Face Camera Pro

Bellus3D Face Camera Pro is an easy-to-use, high-quality, and affordable 3D face scanning camera for mobile devices. The Face Camera Pro is designed for self-scanning. Simply attach the Face Camera Pro to a smartphone or a tablet, turn your head from left to right, and start creating amazingly realistic 3D face models in seconds. You are ready to share your virtual self with others, be a star in your favorite games, or get an accurate 3D print of your head.

Fast and High Quality

Bellus3D Face Camera Pro combines two proprietary state-of-the-art technologies that measure 500,000 3D points on your face to create a high-resolution and accurate face model in seconds. The scanned model can further be used to fit a statistical face model for face recognition, analysis, and animation.

DepthShape™ reconstructs 3D shape using an infrared structured-light depth camera designed for close range scanning at up to 0.4mm resolution with submillimeter accuracy.

PhotoShape™ leverages mobile device’s high-resolution front-facing camera to capture face details such as skin pores and wrinkles. An optional LED ring light ensures your face is captured with perfect lighting and color every time.

DepthShape & PhotoShape
3D face model example

A 3D face model example created with Bellus3D Face Camera Pro

Scanned fitted model example

A scanned model is used to fit a statistical face model for face recognition and animation


Product Name Bellus3D Face Camera Pro
Model Number FCP01
Production description Dual structured light mobile 3D camera for high-resolution face scanning
Output file format 3D face model in OBJ with MTL
Color texture map in JPG
3D face landmarks in OBJ and YML
Standard (SD) vs. High Definition (HD) SD Face Model: ~6MB file size (OBJ) with 60,000 triangles and 2K (width) color texture map

HD Face Model: ~24MB file size (OBJ) with 250,000 triangles and 4K (width) color texture map
Sensors Two 1MP Infrared Sensors (1280x800)
One 2MP Color sensor (1600x1200)
Fixed focus
Dual Structured Light 3D Two Infrared structured light VCSEL projectors
Field of View Infrared Sensors: 66°(D)
Color Sensors: 69°(D)
Working range 25cm to 60cm (optimal at 30-45cm)
Lighting Indoors under room light
Not designed for outdoor uses or under direct sunlight
Supported Host Environments Android 7.0 with 4GB RAM
Windows 8, 10 with 4GB RAM
Tested host devices
(partial list)
Android devices (Android 7.0):
Huawei MediaPad M3, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Samsung Galaxy s7 and s8, Huawei Honor 8

Windows devices (Windows 10):
Surface Pro, Alienware, and some Dell laptops
Scanning and processing time
(depending on host device)
Scan time: 15-25 seconds
Processing time (performed on host device):
SD: ~7 seconds (Windows), ~15 seconds (Android)
HD: ~12 seconds (Windows), ~30 seconds (Android)
Connector USB Type-C connector
30cm USB cable
Dimension (without clip) 101mm(w) x 26mm(h) x 13mm(d)
Weight (without clip) Approximately 230g
Operating temperature 0°C to +40°C
Operating humidity 80% (no condensation)
Power Powered by host device via USB. No battery.
Software Bellus3D Face Camera Android App (available for free in Google Play)
Bellus3D Face Camera Android and Windows SDK (available to Bellus3D Developers only)
Accessories included Camera clip for attaching to host device
Certification Class 1 eye-safe Laser Product, CE, FCC, RoHS
Price $500 USD
Volume discounts available

Download: Face Camera Pro Color Brochure (PDF)

Download: Face Camera Pro Product Data Sheet (PDF)

Download: Bellus3D Face Camera Pro Sample Data File (ZIP)

Bellus3D Face Camera Pro on SketchFab (Link)