FaceApp FAQ

What is Bellus3D FaceApp?

Bellus3D FaceApp for Apple iPhone X (or later), uses Apple's TrueDepth camera to capture a face in 3D. FaceApp then reconstructs the face as a lifelike 3D selfie that can be exported and shared with others.

How does it work?

Apple's TrueDepth camera projects 30,000 infrared dots onto a user's face. The Bellus3D FaceApp utilizes this camera system to capture 3D information while the user slowly turns their head in front of the camera. FaceApp then uses proprietary and sophisticated vision processing to generate a high-resolution and photo-realistic 3D model of the user's face within a few seconds.

What kind of files can I save with Bellus3D FaceApp

The free version allows users to save their 3D face model for later viewing in the Gallery. There is also an in-app purchase option that allows exporting in stl, or obj 3D file formats.

Who would want to use Bellus3D FaceApp?

High resolution 3D face scanning is a new capability that has never been available to consumers. We are seeing 3rd party app developers bring many exciting applications to market such as: virtual try-on of cosmetics, personalized avatars for inserting yourself into video games, and 3D selfies, customized eye glasses and a variety of dental application.

Where can I download it?

The Bellus3D FaceApp for the iPhone X (or later), is available today in the App Store here: Bellus3D FaceApp on the App Store.

Does it work on the iPad?

Bellus3D FaceApp will run in compatibility mode on the iPad but it does not support scanning on the iPad. For iPad scanning, please use Bellus Dental Pro on the App Store

How much does it cost?

Bellus3D FaceApp is free to download, scan and save. An in-app purchase allows you unlock a face model for $0.99 and then export, share on Facebook, share a link, export at higher resolution and export on a Y or Z axis up orientation.

Is there an SDK?

Yes. You can find more information here: iOS SDK Information

Are there other applications that do 3D face scanning?

We are not aware of any other iOS application that offers high resolution 3D scanning of faces using the TrueDepth camera of the Apple iPhone X delivering the precision level of detail we are delivering with Bellus3D FaceApp.

Bellus3D for iPhone X Sample Files

Download: Bellus3D FaceApp for iPhone X Sample Data File (ZIP)

Bellus3D FaceApp for iPhone X Face Models on SketchFab (Link)