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Many applications can benefit from having high-resolution 3D face models.

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Virtual Try-on

Our accurate 3D face models let you virtually try on eyewears and wigs, not only for the look but also for the fit. You can get precise measurements based on your own 3D face data.

Custom 3D Game/VR Character

Use your own face to customize a character in your favorite game or VR world.

3D Virtual Makeup

Apply digital makeup to your 3D face model for a realistic simulation of the makeup effect without the time and mess associated with normal trial-and-error. Inspect your makeup from different angles and under different lighting.

3D Printing for Face Masks or Medical

Bellus3D Face Camera Pro output is ready for printing with a 3D printer or a printing service. It is the easiest way to get a high-quality 3D print of your face.

Bellus3D 3D Print Face Mask Example

3D Printing for Figurines and Fun!

Bellus3D 3D Print Figurines Example

3D Facial Recognition

Increase the recognition accuracy with 3D face models independent of the illumination or the camera angle. Please see our recent announcement on 3D face recognition.