Bellus3D Face SDK for Android and Windows Developers

Integrate Face Scanning into your Android/Windows App or Game with Bellus3D Face Camera Pro attached to your device!

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The Bellus3D Face SDK for Android/Windows Developer Program is for individuals, companies, organizations and institutions who are interested in incorporating Bellus3D face scanning technologies into customized apps running on any supported device with Bellus3D Face Camera Pro attached to it.

The Developer Program costs $1,500 per year and entitles you to tech support, high resolution face scanning, and software upgrades.

Device Compatibility

Bellus3D Face SDK for Android and Windows requires a high-resolution front-facing color camera (8MP or up recommended), a fast multi-core processor with 3GB of RAM, and USB 2.0 or 3.0 port. At this time, we have tested with the following devices. Other devices MAY work, but have not been tested fully.


Windows 10