Developer Program

Bellus3D Face Camera Pro and SDK currently are available only to our developers. If you are interested in joining our developer program, please fill out our questionnaire and we will respond to you shortly.

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Product FAQ

How does Bellus3D Face Camera Pro work?

Bellus3D Face Camera Pro is an add-on camera to a mobile device designed for high-resolution 3D face scanning. It works with the mobile device's front-facing camera to scan your face in about 15 seconds while you turn your head from left to right. The scanned data is processed on the device in seconds to generate a 3D face mesh. The output is a standard 3D file with a high-resolution color texture map that can be sent to a 3D printer or printing service, uploaded to a 3D site such as Sketchfab, or imported to a 3D system for rendering or processing.

What are the applications of the Face Camera Pro?

The Face Camera Pro measures 500,000 3D face points and generates a face mesh with up to 1 million triangles. It also generates a color texture map with up to 4K (image width) resolution. Many applications can benefit from having access to such a high-resolution 3D face model. Some examples include virtual try-on, medical/cosmetic surgery, virtual makeup, game character customization, 3D facial recognition, and 3D printing.

What is the technology behind the Face Camera Pro?

Bellus3D has developed state-of-the-art 3D face scanning technology optimized to run on mobile devices. The Face Camera Pro uses two infrared laser projectors to project many tiny invisible dots on your face, and 4 sensors (3 in the camera and 1 from the mobile device host) to simultaneously capture hundreds of high-resolution infrared and color images of your face from different angles. These images are registered and fused using our proprietary software running on the mobile device to create a full-color 3D face model. Unlike other 3D scanners, the Face Camera Pro is specifically designed for close range high-resolution scanning (from 20cm) and works with most mobile device cameras. By incorporating an external color camera in our scanning, the output quality can be improved with a better external color camera and lighting. The 3D scanning can also be done in total darkness if color is not required as the Face Camera Pro emits infrared light during scanning.

What devices are supported by the Face Camera Pro?

The Face Camera Pro requires a high-resolution front-facing color camera (8MP or up recommended), a fast multi-core processor with 3GB of RAM, and USB 2.0 or 3.0 port. Currently only a few selected Android devices are supported. We intend to support more devices when the camera becomes available. iOS devices are not currently supported.

What is the output format and file size of the Face Camera Pro?

The Face Camera Pro generates an OBJ file with MTL and JPG texture map. The OBJ file can be easily converted to other 3D file formats, such as PLY or STL, using third party apps. A full scan without any reduction in size can contain 1 million triangles. The output file size and the number of triangles can be controlled by the user. A standard resolution output with 60,000 triangles and a 2K (width) color texture map is about 6 MB. A high-resolution output file with about 250,000 triangles and a 4K texture map is about 24 MB. Addition information, such as normal or depth map, is also available.

When will the Face Camera Pro be available and what's the cost?

The Face Camera Pro will be available in limited quantity to selected developers only in Q1, 2017. We plan to release the Face Camera Pro to the public in Q4, 2017. The pricing has not been set yet but is expected to be under $500.

How do I develop applications for the Face Camera Pro?

We expect to release a dev kit for developers that includes a Face Camera Pro and an Android SDK in Q1, 2017. There will be only a small quantity of the dev kit available. If you are interested in joining the developer program, please fill out our developer program questionnaire.

Can I embed the Face Camera Pro in my own device?

The production version of the Face Camera Pro with the case is 100mm x 26mm x 13mm (w, h, d) in size and has a USB cable with a Type-C connector. You can embed the camera with the case, and it requires an Android host with a high-resolution color camera (8MP or higher recommended.) Please contact us for more details.